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Manny Santos

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Intro [06 Mar 2006|11:10pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I'm Manuella "Manny" Santos, kids! I'm sure those of you from Degrassi have heard of me. Mostly bad right? I'm the whore of the earth right? Well, I'll tell you about the real me anyway.

I'm currently 16 years old and I go to DCS High School. I am on the Spirit Squad and I do gymnastics and ice skating. My best friends are Emma, Darcy, Liberty, and Shante.

So, when I was in Grade 9, I was cute, adorable Manny. Sweet and innocent. Until I got a costume change to say the least. I shook up my image and made myself hott. That's how I got my first boyfriend, Sully. He asked me out after I changed my image. Shallow, huh? He wasn't a very good boyfriend anyway. He practically ignored me, so I broke it off. That's when I fell for Craig. He was with Ashley, but when she wouldn't have sex with him, I did. So yes, he cheated on Ashley with me. Then he treated me like crap after it. Around Christmas he was double timing Ashley and I both. Ashley found out about me, Craig said he broke it off with Ashley - when he didn't. I found out about it and we BOTH left him. And I got a bad rep. Then when I found out I was pregnant with Craig's baby. We got back together until I got an abortion. To my surprise, Emma supported me. But Craig didn't. We broke up ... or he left me ... And I'm still hung up over him. Ugh.

After all this drama was over, I was still the school tramp. I started going out with JT. It was nice ... but he was too immature for me. And then there was the penis pump thing. I started falling for Spinner. Spinner, the one who tortured me when I was younger. Never thought that'd happen. But, it did. I supposedly broke him and Paige up. At first I didn't want to be a couple ... I was so afraid to get hurt ... but we ended up being together anyway. But, that ended quickly ... after the whole shooting thing. Oh, and Craig called me his biggest mistake ever. Nice.

In more recent history ... I'm sure you've all seen my video. Me, lots of vodka, little clothing. Yeah ... that sucked a lot. The worst of it all, my Dad kicked me out so now I'm staying at Em's. It's been good, though.

I'm single and having fun. Even though I sort of miss the whole boyfriend thing.

IM me sometime >> miss MANUELLA x

14are // partying all night

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